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E-learning products

The elementary building block for the development and growth of a company? Continuous training for employees. Support them optimally in developing their potential. We offer you tailor-made e-learning products and create a training package for you that exactly meets your needs. Our qualified engineers, computer scientists and professional educators with a master’s degree in the field of e-learning combine technical knowledge with special didactic and media-technical know-how.

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The quest for knowledge is a natural disposition for all people.
Aristotle, 384-322 BC
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Our range of products

virtual training

Tutorials, Computer Based Training (CBT)

  • We create learning programs for computer-assisted professional development of your employees. With our products, you can provide your employees with cost-effective training measures that are independent of time and location.
  • We are specialists in the description of high technology products. Our core competences include the illustration of maintenance work, functional processes, work processes and the operation of these products. For optimal learning process support we offer the option to integrate elements from the field of Virtual training into our learning programs.
  • The learning programs are published in a format of your choice. On request, we can also provide our e-learning products as an Application for mobile devices .
interactive animation

2D/3D animations

  • We create 2D and 3D animations for you from line drawings, photos or CAD data, or we develop the animations ourselves according to your specifications.
  • Animations make it easier to illustrate and capture complex technical products and processes.
video training

Multimedia training elements

We support you with the creation of the following training elements:

  • Training materials
  • Interactive presentations
  • Tailor-made video training
  • Interactive 3D models
  • CBT's and WBT's
  • Classic teaching or display boards
  • Training manuals

These elements can be combined as desired or used as a supplement to existing training courses. In this way, you can implement integrated learning concepts in which the advantages of face-to-face events and e-learning are linked didactically in a meaningful way (blended learning).


Conducting training courses and seminars

  • In addition to conception and implementation, we also offer on-site training and courses.
  • Our employees are characterized by a high level of social and professional competence and have many years of experience. The main focus here is, according to the current pedagogical state of research, on the skill-development of the learners.

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • The Stender company offers you comprehensive advice on the selection and implementation of a learning management system. We support you throughout the entire process. We analyze the learning culture of your company and together with you we develop adequate further professional development goals. From the results we derive the requirements for the LMS and thus find a sustainably appropriate system.
  • The entire pool of training opportunities is cummulated and managed in the LMS. Each employee accesses a tailored training plan via a personal profile. The competence development of the employees then takes place in a self-paced learning process. If desired, learning progress and learning success can be documented.

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Joachim Stohr

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