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Our editorial platform

Editorial systems are necessary in order to cope with large documentation projects. They enable stringent creation and translation processes, the management of large amounts of data in different variants and versions, the reuse of the data in different contexts, and cross-media publication. We have developed S-Tools to meet these requirements. Our modular content management system for user-friendly, secure and effective administration of SGML / XML objects in an SQL database.

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What does S-Tools do?

Data modules and graphics can be processed with the corresponding DMRL and SNS codes, info objects, info code lists, etc. Content can be published in various media using automated processes. For example the layout templates specified by the customer for a PDF publication are implemented using FOSI, XSLT / XSL-FO programming. With WebHelp, we also offer an IETD output that is viewer-independent.


Main features at a glance

  • Management of SGML / XML objects in an SQL database
  • Access via web interface, i.e. remote use via secure, encrypted VPN access
  • Secure user login ensures that all changes made can be traced
  • Integrated QA processes ensure the high quality standard of the managed project data
  • Workflow automation
  • Version, variant and history management
  • Automated publication processes

Our S-Tools

further developed and optimized for mobile devices

Mobile documentation

s tools
Introduction to your new editorial system

The ways to introduce an editorial system for Technical Documentation are as diverse as the type and scope of information and data to be managed. The more thoroughly a company deals with its specific requirements in advance, the more reliably a suitable solution can be found and the more successfully the implementation will be. We provide comprehensive advice and support you with the introduction of your new editorial system or content management system (CMS). Because: Every editorial system needs to be adapted to the wishes and requirements of the user. We take care of this tailoring for you in the system implementation phase. Customizations specifically made for you increase the flexibility and efficiency of the system. In addition, this often reveals further extensive applicabilities.

We are here for you!

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Joachim Stohr

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