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simplify complexity

We have moved to our new

office building

over Christmas

Since January 2020 our address is:

Stender GmbH | Simoniusstrasse 5 | 88239 Wangen im Allgäu

Full-service provider

for technical communication, product support and e-learning

As a full-service provider for technical communication, product support and e-learning, we provide comprehensive and well-founded advice across our entire range of services. For over 60 years, for renowned national and international companies in the field of high technology. What characterizes us: Our more than 50 employees. With their creative drive, their distinct customer-orientation and their team spirit. That is why we offer them excellent conditions for their professional and personal development. Appreciation, respect and honesty are the basis of our work.



40 years of service at Stender_BLOG

40-year service anniversary at Stender GmbH

Martina Jungblut and Petra Rölli can proudly look back on 40 years in the same company. Both joined the company on September 1, 1980, Ms. Jungblut in the writing office, Ms. Rölli [...]

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Move into the new headquarters of Stender GmbH

Since January 07.01.2020, we have moved into the new headquarters of Stender GmbH in Wangen at Simoniusstrasse 5. The establishment of the office space has been successfully completed. From Christmas to new years eve, IT has done a great job [...]

Abitur award2019_2_720px

Abitur award 2019 from Stender GmbH awarded

Executive Director Dr. Michael Stender presented the Abitur award of the company Stender GmbH to Sophia Leonhardt at the graduation ceremony of the Rupert-Neß-Gymnasium Wangen im Allgäu on July 23rd, 2019. The prize is endowed with 1300 euros and [...]


Stender GmbH is a member of the BTD AK

As part of the 23rd AK BTD in Bremen, Stender GmbH was accepted into the working group Descriptive Technical Documentation (AK BTD). The AK BTD is a national expert body made up of representatives of the Bundeswehr [...]

Teaching position

Teaching position

Lecturer in technical editing since the summer semester of 2015, the company STENDER has been teaching students at the Ravensburg-Weingarten University in technical editing. The main topics are: Editorial basics of technical documentation Information development Formatting, design and layout Professional […]


Technical communication

Technical communication
Product support

Product support

Product support


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We have been successful on the market since 1938 because we render quality, partnership and innovation the foundation of our actions.

Our History

Company Formation

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After studying at the art academy in Hamburg and working as an advertising manager for the Heinkel company in Rostock (1934 to 1938), the illustrator and artist Kurt Stender founded the Stender company in Berlin.


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War and post-war turmoil do not allow the continuation of the company by it´s founder until 1948 in Wangen im Allgäu.

Documentation level 1: Handwritten documentation

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Technical documentations are hand crafted in pencil by the editors. Illustrations are created on the drawing table, partially generated by means of stencils. Colored illustrations are elaborately colored by hand.

First orders

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In February 1957 the company already receives its first orders from the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB).

The step to become a full service provider

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The next generation is in the starting blocks. In 1974 Lutz Stender takes over the company and develops it into a full service provider for technical documentation of various products.

Documentation technology level 2: Typewriter

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A completely new technical solution for documentation has arrived: The handwritten texts are transcribed in the in-house writing office. The following devices were used in the implementation: IBM typewriters, Adler Breitkopf typewriters, IBM Composer, IBM Text 3, Siemens compact text station and the like.

Always up to date

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The next milestone following the typewriter: The PC prevails and offers the option of data module-based documentation (HTML / SGML) implemented according to the single source principle.

A new branch

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Due to the constantly growing number of customers, a subsidiary was founded in Jena in 1997.

Dr. Michael Stender - the third generation

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With Dr. Michael Stender taking over the management in third generation in 2003 and the acquisition of well-known new customers, the company expands to a current staff of around fifty highly qualified employees.

A new branch II

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Since 2013 the Stender company is now represented with a branch office in Ulm also. The resulting close customer proximity constitutes many advantages for both sides.

A new branch III

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The Stender company opens up another office in Koblenz.

Documentation technology level 4: AR

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Interactive and intuitive - virtuality and reality in harmony. Technical communication is changing fundamentally. The Stender company keeps up with the times: With augmented reality, mobile documentation and virtual reality, completely new possibilities can be utilized.

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Our team consists of:

Technical editors (graduated engineers and technicians) from the fields of electrical and communications engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and medical technology, multimedia authors (for e-learning and graphic animation), technical graphic designers, media designers, layouters, logistics specialists, software specialists, editors, proofreaders and a specialist for occupational safety (GfB, UVA, risk analysis).

We are looking for:
Digital Knights

...and other brave colleagues who will enrich our team with courage, motivation and knowledge.

Prove yourself right away.

We are here for you!

Michael Stender

Dr. Michael Stender, LL.M.


T + 49 7522 706-0

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