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Expertise / August 30, 2023

Work safety

Work safety

Better safe than sorry

Services in the field of occupational safety. From safety-related support and advice on hazardous substance management to training - here you will find our services in the field of occupational safety.

Safety-related support

The following advisory services can be called up as part of basic care in accordance with DGUV regulation 2:

  • Support regarding the implementation of the risk assessment, consequently advice on the collection of hazards and loads in the areas of work environment, work equipment, work task, company organization
  • Inspection of workplaces and workstations to determine health hazards and risks of accident
  • Support and implementation of instructions, preparation of operating manuals
  • Support in analyzing causes of stress and in planning of related prevention measures
  • Moderation of participation groups and health circles as part of the comprehensive risk assessment
  • Measurement and assessment of noise, lighting situation at the workstation / -space
  • Analysis of accident events and accident reports
  • Organize ongoing training in occupational safety
  • Development and usage of knowledge management
  • Advice on new legal requirements
  • Participation in occupational safety committee meetings (ASA)

Additional advice and support with organization and action planning in special areas, e.g.: hazardous substance management, organization of preventive fire protection, planning and implementation of evacuation exercises, organization of first aid, planning and design of workplaces, setting up a company occupational health and safety organization, computer workstation analysis.

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"Where you are safe, put question marks."
Wieslaw Brudzinski (1920-1996),
Polish writer
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Further services in the area of ​​occupational safety

Hazardous substance management advice

  • Risk assessment for hazardous substances
  • Detection of hazardous substances
  • Creation of lists of hazardous substances

Fire protection

  • Participation in the implementation of the fire protection concept
  • Support the entrepreneur in discussions with the fire protection authorities and fire brigades, fire insurers, trade associations, trade supervisory offices, etc.
  • Advice on equipping workplaces with fire extinguishing equipment and selecting extinguishing agents


  • safety officer
  • Fire protection assistants