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Expertise / August 30, 2023

Construction status and obsolescence management

Construction condition obsolescence management


Products are subject to constant updates and improvements throughout their life cycle. In order to ensure long-term availability, our specialists keep an overview of their usability and condition - not least with regard to the resource requirements for operation. We also take care of obsolescence management.

Our product range in construction condition management

The rules and specifications of building condition management enable precisely this monitoring and make it transparent for everyone involved. Construction condition management requires continuous adjustment and monitoring of all relevant data and documents in a precise coordination process. With the appropriate application tools and storage systems, we comprehensively cover the resulting questions:

  • Product locations
  • Availability of individual products
  • Failure behavior of individual product components
  • fault suspectibility
  • Cost drivers
  • different software versions
  • specified inspection intervals
  • required maintenance changes
  • necessary storage heights

Our services in obsolescence management

To collect data, we are in constant contact with the product manufacturers and therefore have current data on the ordered product range. This allows us to show the client timely options for resolving identified obsolescence.

The focus of obsolescence management is the early detection of obsolescence due to:

  • Spare parts discontinuations
  • changes in the assignment profile
  • Aging of products
  • Legal/military regulation changes