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Expertise / News / September 29, 2023

S-Tools in cpmForum 4-2023

We present our software flagship S-Tools in the current issue of cpmForum 4-2023. The Bundeswehr needs new equipment – ​​and functioning existing equipment. And the ability to use and maintain both safely. S-Tools […]

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AI Workshop_BLOG2
News / August 23, 2023

New opportunities through AI

At least since ChatGPT, everyone is talking about AI and it will also change the technical documentation industry. Reason enough for us, therefore, to deal intensively with possible applications as well as opportunities and risks of the technology […]

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News / August 15, 2023

Barbecue in July 2023

Luckily, between many rainy days, we caught one of the few sunny afternoons for this year's company barbecue. The barbecue buffet from the Joos butcher’s shop was again excellently prepared with numerous salads, fresh rolls, various side dishes, […]

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Abitur funding award-2023_BLOG
News / July 27, 2023

High school graduation award 2023 of the STENDER GmbH

The Rupert-Neß-Gymnasium ended the school year with a big final gala. Not only were memories of the past school year shared, but special achievements and commitment were also acknowledged. As a company, we are honored to […]

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Internal Audit_BLOG
Expertise / News / July 12, 2023

Quality management – ​​internal audit
DIN EN 9100:2018 successfully carried out

With our quality management system, we have been meeting the high standard requirements for aviation, aerospace and defense since 2019. Now it was time again and the internal audit for DIN EN 9100:2018 could be carried out successfully [...]

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News / June 28, 2023


Get out of the office chair and into your sports clothes! The health of the workforce has a high priority. Not only the design of the workplace plays a role, but also the physical fitness [...]

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Anniversary Stohr_BLOG
News / May 10, 2023

30th anniversary of service at STENDER GmbH

A phone call in April 1993 at 06:30 a.m. changed a lot for Joachim Stohr. Since this call, Mr. Stohr has been working for STENDER GmbH and can now proudly [...]

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AFCEA Announcement_BLOG
Expertise / News / May 4, 2023

Participation in AFCEA trade exhibition 2023

On the 10th/11th May 2023 we will be represented with a booth at the AFCEA Bonn 2023. The trade exhibition is one of the most important events for information technology in the defense and security sector. With in the luggage […]

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Expertise / News / March 30, 2023

Review of the LOG.NET2023

After the fair is before the fair! Participation in LOG.NET2023 was a complete success and an excellent platform for expert exchange with many participants. Thank you again to the […]

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Expertise / News / February 21, 2023

Participation and presentation at the LOG.NET 2023

This year we will be taking part in LOG.NET in Troisdorf on March 08th and 09th, 2023 - the communication platform in the context of military logistics. The focus of the 15th user forum is on the logistical […]

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