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Construction status and obsolescence management

Products are subject to constant updates and improvements throughout their life cycle. In order to ensure long-term availability, our experts keep an overview of their usability and condition - not least with regard to the funds required for operation. We also take care of obsolescence management.

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Our product range in construction status management

By the rules and regulations of the construction condition management monitoring is made possible and made transparent for all those involved. The construction status management requires continuous adjustment and monitoring of all relevant data and documents in an exact coordination process. With the appropriate application tools and storage systems, we comprehensively cover the resulting questions regarding:

  • the product locations
  • the availability of the individual products
  • the failure behavior of individual product components
  • fault suspectibility
  • possible cost drivers
  • different software versions
  • specified inspection intervals
  • required maintenance changes
  • necessary storage levels

Our services in obsolescence management

We are in constant contact with the product-manufacturing companies to record the data and therefore have up-to-date information on the commissioned product range. By doing so we can in good time point out to the client how to rectify obsolescence.

Obsolescence management focuses on early detection of obsolescence due to


spare parts discontinuation


changes in the assignment profile


aging of the product

number 4

legal / military regulations changes

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Reinhard Pfiffner

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