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Risk assessment

and environmental impact studies

We support those responsible in companies and within contracting authorities in the systematic preparation of risk assessments and environmental impact analyzes as well as in the monitoring of laws, ordinances, standards and guidelines.

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Risk assessment

Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis

With the help of expert safety engineers and the specifically matched questionnaires, hazards to products, plants / systems and workplaces can be comprehensively determined and suitable protective measures can be defined. In accordance with Section 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) and Section 3 of the Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV), the employer is obliged to prepare a risk assessment.

On the basis of a risk assessment, the dangers emanating from the work equipment, its use during work and its interactions with other work equipment must be determined and suitable protective measures have to be defined. This requirement, based on the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, applies to all areas of activity with the exception of private households and must be documented.

Missing or inadequate safety devices, physical, psychological and chemical influencing factors as well as excessive physical stress and unergonomic working conditions often lead to accidents and work-related illnesses. In addition to the health risks for employees, staff absenteeism and financial burdens for the company due to machine downtimes are the result. One of the employer's goals must therefore be to ensure that risks and dangers for employees can be excluded as far as possible.

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