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Our range of services in the TLB

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Technical logistical support (TLB)

Within the scope of the military range of tasks, the respective “product manager use” of a product or system has overall responsibility for its product range. This means that he needs a considerable amount of support given the large number of products to be supported and the wide range of tasks. We offer you the entire spectrum of TLB services in accordance with the care service catalog (BLK). After consultation with you, our services include the following areas: product monitoring and support, maintenance of operational readiness, compliance with legal provisions, system support services, maintenance of availability, change management.

technical-logistic support

When providing technical-logistical support services (TLB), we pursue a holistic approach to optimize system availability with particular attention to the following factors:

  • Support for achieving maturity / operational readiness (HdE / HVR)
  • Analysis and creation of product-specific concepts (PLK, GIK / MEK, LSA, LCC, etc.)
  • Support with disposal and decommissioning
  • Cost control measures
  • On-site logistical support at BAAINBw (SASPF, MGI / PGS)
  • Support with immediate technical measures
  • Assistance with product improvements / changes and their documentation

Further services in product support

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Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis

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Construction status and obsolescence management

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Reinhard Pfiffner

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