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News / May 4, 2021

Virtual university contact exchange at Furt Universitywangen

On May 19.05.2021th, XNUMX we will be on the virtual university contact exchange of the Furt University of Applied Scienceswangen represented. We look forward to meeting new talents and having interesting and stimulating conversations. We are currently looking for full stack web developers [...]

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News / April 15, 2021

Report in the BWV-Journal

Our new company building is sustainable, functional, well thought out and beautiful. The report in the BWV-Journal summarizes why this is so.

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News / March 24, 2020

Move into the new headquarters of Stender GmbH

Since January 07.01.2020, we have moved into the new headquarters of Stender GmbH in Wangen at Simoniusstrasse 5. The establishment of the office space has been successfully completed. From Christmas to new years eve, IT has done a great job [...]

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News / December 12, 2019

RWU career days in Weingarten

As in previous years, we were represented with a small team on the career days of the RWU in Weingarten on November 12.11.2019, XNUMX. Thanks to a great stand, many interested students found their way [...]

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2019-09-30_New building
News / October 2, 2019

Great progress in construction on the new office building

The work on the new Stender building is making great strides, and the facade looks particularly elegant against the bright blue autumn sky. The clinker bricks of the outer facade are now completely attached, the windows are inserted [...]

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Open Door Day_Blog
News / June 24, 2019

Open day at the electronics school in Tettnang

Get to know our company! Visit us on the open day at the electronics school in Tettnang: June 29.06.2019th, 10 from 00:14 a.m. to 00:XNUMX p.m. We look forward to getting to know young and interested people who enjoy [...]

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Image 6k run blog
News / June 7, 2019

Stender company is running

At the suggestion of a colleague, we took part in the Worldvision Global 6k, a charity run over six kilometers for the benefit of children in Africa. Dr. Stender was extremely generous and donated [...]

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News / April 23, 2019

University contact exchange of the HFU Furtwangen

This year we will again have a booth at the HFU Furt University Contact Exchangewangen be represented. We look forward to the hospitality of the university and of course to many exciting conversations and [...]

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News / April 8, 2019

Diploma thesis explanatory video / image film "What is technical documentation?"

A student at the “Schule für Gestaltung” in Ravensburg is currently creating an explanatory video or image film on the subject of “What is technical communication?” As a diploma thesis. The activities involved in creating the script [...]

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News / April 2, 2019

Master thesis "Technical Communication goes Mobile"

We are always looking for companions for our mission "Simplify complexity". And we have the future in mind, relying on fresh ideas and new technologies. So it stands to reason [...]

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