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Individual software solutions

Each technical documentation has its specific requirements. Standard software is often not sufficient to meet these requirements. That is why our software specialists develop individual and innovative solutions for you. We provide the most effective and cost-effective programming or optimally adapt existing software. Our goal is to design documentation and service for our customers in the best possible and most innovative way.

Our software flagship: S-Tools

Integrated ILS platform according to ASD specifications

As a system house for Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), technical documentation and software development, we offer our customers integrated all-in-one solutions for the processes of the ASD - from S1000D and S2000M to S3000L and S6000T. With our specially developed, modular software flagship S-Tools, we offer you a platform that enables the integration of ILS processes in accordance with ASD specifications.

Individual software solutions

As a renowned company for technical communication, we go one step further and, in addition to the creation of technical documentation, also offer tailor-made, modular software solutions: Our flagship is the innovative platform S-Tools. It enables efficient project management, comprehensive data management and seamless integration into your work processes. By bringing individual requirements precisely to the point, we create solutions that will move your company forward.

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The highlights

Stender S-Tools Data Collecting

Data Collecting

  • Configurable, standardized data exchange with suppliers
  • Configurable interfaces to third-party systems (engineering, LSA, RAM, FMEA/FMECA, etc.)
Stender S-Tools Common Data Pool

Common Data Pool

  • Uniform database of all project-relevant ILS/LSA data (single source)
  • Cross-sectional and automated further processing of the data in all processes
Stender S-Tools Data Management

Data management

  • Role-based workflow automation
  • Communication/Comments
  • Management/traceability of all data deliveries
  • Translation management
Stender S-Tools Data Creation

Data Creation

  • Flexible, scalable publication processes (IETD, HTML, PDF, DokMApp)
  • Descriptive content according to ASD S1000D
  • Material data according to ASD S2000M
  • Training documents according to ASD S6000T
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We are in a decade in which software will fundamentally change business processes more than ever before.
Bill Gates, born 1955
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DokMApp for S-Tools

the mobile publication platform for your product information

The mobile extension of our S-Tools offers completely new possibilities. Technical communication is often used when a problem arises. In this situation, which is usually characterized by stress and frustration, it is very helpful if the required information can be found intuitively and without delay - right where it is needed.

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That is why we have expanded the S-Tools software in cooperation with app specialists by adding the DokMApp. This app offers even more options, such as embedding videos or audio files. It also guides you intuitively through the documentation and prompts the user to interact at the right moment.

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A dashboard for all available product information

Gruppe 3240
Technical Documentation

Gruppe 3242
Product photos/graphics

Gruppe 3244
3D models

Gruppe 3246
Product videos

Gruppe 3248
Training/ E-Learning and much more

The advantages at one glance

01 | Lag-free content
Content is up-to-date, instantaneous and available exactly where it is needed.

02 | New technologies
Other new technologies such as augmented reality or text-to-speech functionality can be used for technical documentation.

03 | Text-to-speech functionality
The text-to-speech functionality enables visually impaired users to work with the documentation or to carry out work without constantly looking at a screen.

04 | Voice control
Voice control allows operation despite work gloves or dirty hands.

05 | Intuitive operation
The intuitive and fast operation of tablets and smartphones reduces stress for the user, especially in problematic situations.

06 | Central Administration
The contents of the documentation can be centrally managed and updated so that every user is always provided with the latest version without much effort.

How are the S-Tools introduced into your process world?

The ways of integrating S-Tools into your ILS processes are as diverse as the type and scope of information and data to be managed.

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The more intensively the company deals with its specific requirements in advance, the more certain it is that a suitable solution can be found and the more successful the introduction will be. We provide comprehensive advice and support you in all steps necessary for integration. We take care of the tailoring for you in the system implementation phase. Customizations made especially for you increase the flexibility and efficiency of the system. In addition, this often opens up further extensive application possibilities.

Simplify complexity – empower information

More examples from our software forge

  • Programming viewer solutions in the SGML / XML / HTML environment
  • FOSI programming, for PDF production with EPIC Composer
  • XSL-FO programming, for PDF production from SCHEMA ST4
  • Automation of PDF forms

More success thanks to STENDER software

  • Automation of work steps
  • Routine monitoring
  • Saving resources
  • Optimal pricing
  • Highest product quality

With us, you are the focus

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