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This is our passion, to which we dedicate our hearts and souls every day. We are there for you – as consultants, impulse providers, organizers and solution finders. Because: We offer you tailor-made, integrated solutions for all your requirements for modern technical communication. From the system description to the operating and maintenance instructions as well as the materials management procedures to product support during the use phase - we look at the entire life cycle of a technical product. Our range of services goes far beyond technical documentation.

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Overview of our services


Technical documentation according to ASD S1000D / S2000M

Well equipped: With our high-quality documentation, we make it easier for you to carry out operating and maintenance tasks on your systems efficiently.

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Product support

Everything from a single source: We offer holistic and well thought-out solutions for the care of your products.

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Multimedia and e-learning

State-of-the-art technology: With the help of all media, we explain complex relationships and processes that are difficult to describe in an understandable way.

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We think with, through, creatively and ahead

We maximize your potential. Our editors are technically competent, linguistically adept, precise in media design, translation-oriented writing and internationalization. We deliver first-class translations for technical documentation. In software development, we create solutions for future requirements, develop tools for competitive advantages and offer individual solutions such as our own Software S Tools.

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Our approach – your benefit

01 | Understand
Before our technical writers start writing texts or drafting scripts, they research information about your company, your products and your target group.

02 | To plan
In an editorial guide, the editors specify the essential requirements for the editorial environment, text-image allocation, writing style and the “look and feel” of your documents and e-learning applications.

03 | Prepare
Our editors create terminology lists (also multilingual for translations) and thus ensure that your documentation remains consistent in all languages.

04 | Research
Our editors research at your site and collect all the data required for complete and comprehensive documentation.

05 | Document
When creating texts, videos and graphics, our editors pay attention to the use of existing information and texts (synergies).

06 | Publish
We publish your manuals and operating instructions in the desired medium (paper, CD/DVD, online, tablet) in the desired language.

Our range of products in technical communication


Technical Documentation

  • Information leaflets and brochures
  • Short product descriptions for a quick start
  • Device and system descriptions
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  • Operating instructions and manuals
  • Service, testing, maintenance and repair instructions
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Digital learning and information solutions

  • E-learning applications (learning programs, micro-learning, learning management systems)
  • Video Tutorials
  • WebHelp and online documentation
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  • Interactive electronic documentation - IETD according to industry-specific standards (e.g. DIN EN 82079-1, DIN EN 15380-2, ASD S1000D, ATA100)
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Support Services

  • Content management systems: S-Tools, GRIPS, Inmedius, Schema ST4, cross-located creation of editorial content, translation management for products in global competition (Across, Trados, ...), author support (Congree)
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  • Technical / logistical support services
  • Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis
  • Construction status and obsolescence management
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We don't just document, we also develop

Our software specialists develop tailor-made solutions for you. With our specially developed, modular software flagship S-Tools, we offer you a platform that enables the integration of ILS processes in accordance with the ASD specifications.

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