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Technical communication in a nutshell.

Simplify complexity

Technical communication

Complexity plain simple.

This is our passion, to which we dedicate ourselves every day. We are there for you as a consultant, initiator, organizer and solution finder. Because: We offer tailor-made, integrated solutions for all your requirements of modern technical communication. From the system description to the operating and maintenance instructions to the processes of materials management and product support during the utilisation phase - we take the entire life cycle of a technical product into consideration. Our range of services spans far beyond only Technical documentation .

Our range of products in technical communication

  • Information leaflets and brochures
  • Short product descriptions for a quick start
  • Device and system descriptions
  • Operating instructions and manuals
  • Service, testing, maintenance and repair instructions
  • E-learning applications (learning programs, micro-learning, learning management systems)
  • Video Tutorials
  • WebHelp and online documentation
  • Interactive electronic documentation - IETD according to industry-specific standards (e.g. DIN EN 82079-1, DIN EN 15380-2, ASD S1000D, ATA100)
  • Content management systems: S-Tools, GRIPS, Inmedius, Schema ST4, cross-located creation of editorial content, translation management for products in global competition (Across, Trados, ...), author support (Congree)
  • Technical / logistical support services
  • Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis
  • Construction status and obsolescence management

We think with you, through, creatively and ahead.

Stender team

Our team supports you to make full use your potential. In addition to our editors, it consists of technical graphic designers, logistics experts, media designers and software developers. What sets our editors apart: high technical competence and language skills, know-how, precision in media creation and experience in the field of translation-friendly writing and internationalization.

Stender team

This enables us to compile first class Translations for every technical documentation. Our team of four in the Software development stands out by always being this "one step ahead". To already create solutions for your future requirements - now. To develop tools that offer you a competitive advantage as well as individual solutions for your specific requirements, such as our in-house software S-Tools.


Technical documentation according to ASD S1000D / S2000M

Documentation according to ASD

For the production and maintenance of military operational readiness and supply readiness (HdE / HVR) according to ASD S1000D and S2000M.

To technical documentation according to ASD S1000D / S2000M
product spare parts catalogs

Product and
spare parts catalogs

Product and spare parts catalogs

Indispensable for successful sales and efficient service. Our team: flexible and competent.

To product and spare parts catalogs
graphic multimedia

and multimedia

Graphics multimedia

Complex and extensive relationships - comprehensibly explained with pictures, illustrations, graphics, videos and much more.

To graphics and multimedia
mobile documentation


Mobile documentation

Information anywhere and anytime. Accessible through an efficient, portable device.

To mobile documentation
augmented reality


Augmented Reality

For technical documentation, training documents and e-learning solutions. Unifying the real and virtual world.

To augmented reality
railway technology

Technical communication
in railway technology

Railway engineering

Documentation for entire locomotive families as well as for railway engineering components with a large variety of customers and variants.

To railway technology

Our approach

Your benefits

Our approach


Before our technical writers start writing texts or drafting scripts, they research information about your company, your products and your target group.

to plan

In an editorial guide (guidance document), you define the essential requirements for the editorial environment, text-image assignment, writing style and the “look and feel” of your documents and e-learning applications.


You create terminology lists (multilingual for translations) and thus ensure that your documentation remains consistent in all languages.

sum up

We do research on site and collect all the data required for complete and comprehensive documentation.


When creating the texts, videos and graphics, the use of existing information and texts (synergies) is taken into account.


Your manuals and operating instructions are published on the desired medium (paper, CD / DVD, online, tablet) in the language of your choice.

Your benefits

target group
High quality

Thanks to the professional qualifications of our editors, we understand the technical interrelationships in depth and prepare them for the target group.

customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

With tailor-made solutions and modern variant management, we meet your and your customers' wishes.

Cost effectiveness

The standardization of the processes reduces the costs for the creation, maintenance, publication and translation of the documents while at the same time it increases their recognition value.

Time to market

We shorten your product launch cycle by creating documentation in parallel with the development of your product.


By using modern project management tools you are always informed about the current project status and progress.

legal security
Legal certainty

All standards, guidelines, norms and laws related to your product are taken into account.

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We offer intelligent overall solutions in technical communication. Creative, innovative, reliable.
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We are here for you!

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Joachim Stohr

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