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A new dimension in technical communication

Reality 2.0

Augmented Reality

in technical communication

Breaking new ground - and making technical communication even better with the latest technology. Take advantage of the opportunities that augmented reality offers concerning Technical documentation, training materials and E-learning solutions . Using a tablet or data glasses, information, action steps and safety instructions can be displayed directly in the user's field of vision on the machine. Animated illustrations visualize complex procedures and thus simplify working.

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Interactive and intuitive - virtuality and reality in harmony. Technical communication fundamentally changed.
Augmented Reality
  • Shorten downtimes

    Maintenance and repairs can be carried out more quickly if the necessary action steps are displayed directly in the technician's field of vision on the machine.

  • Increase security

    Safety instructions are displayed exactly onthe spot where a dangerous situation can emerge.

  • Reduce complexity

    Complex sequences of actions can be illustrated vividly yet simplified with the help of on-screen animations.

  • Direct support by experts

    If necessary, the manufacturer´s experts can be connected via conference calls and thus can provide support with a direct view on the machine and the current status of work.

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