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Mobile documentation

Mobile documentation

Mobile devices dominate our everyday life. Smartphones, tablets and the like have long since been indispensable in the working world. For Technical communication they offer completely new possibilities. Make information accessible through an efficient, portable device - anywhere, anytime. This increases the possible uses, areas of application and usability of a Technical documentation.

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Our solution: DokMApp

Technical documentation is often used when a problem emerges. In this situation, which is usually characterized by stress and frustration, it is very helpful if the required informations can be found intuitively and without delay. Right on spot where they are needed. That is why we are expanding our S-Tools software. In cooperation with app specialists we develop the DokMApp. This app builds on the functionality of the WebHelp , but offers other options, such as integrating videos or audio files. It also guides you intuitively through the documentation and prompts the user to interact at the right moment.


DokMApp provides all available product information via a user-specific interface (dashboard) (ANDROID / WINDOWS):

  • Technical Documentation
  • Product photos / graphics
  • 3D models
  • Product videos
  • Training / E-learning and much more
Augmented Reality

The advantages at one glance

  • Up-to-date content, without delay and available exactly where it is needed.
  • Further new technologies such as augmented reality or text-to-speech functionality can be used for technical documentation.
  • Text-to-speech functionality for visually impaired users or to carry out work without constantly looking at a screen.
  • Voice control for maintaining operability despite work gloves or dirty hands.
  • The intuitive and fast operation of tablets and smartphones reduces stress for the user, especially in problematic situations.
  • The contents of the documentation can be centrally managed and updated so that every user is always provided with the latest version without much effort.

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Joachim Stohr

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