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Product support

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Holistic, individual, confidential: With a comprehensive range of services based on the support service catalogue (BLK), we offer product managers from various areas comprehensive support. From product monitoring and support to the fulfilment of legal requirements, we are at your side. Our experts ensure availability and efficient change processes. Trust in us as a competent partner and our many years of experience for the best possible support for your products.

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Gruppe 3658
Technical and logistical support

From planning to maintenance

Within the scope of the military range of tasks, the respective “Product Manager Usage” of a product or system is responsible for its product range. Given the large number of products to be supported and the wide range of tasks, he needs a considerable amount of support. We offer the entire spectrum of TLB services in accordance with the Care Services Catalogue (BLK). In coordination with you, we take care of: product monitoring and support, maintaining readiness for use, compliance with legal regulations, system support services, maintaining availability, change management.


As part of the holistic approach, we focus on:

    • Support for achieving operational readiness (HdE / HVR)
    • Analysis and creation of product-specific concepts (PLK, GIK / MEK, LSA, LCC, etc.)
    • Support with sorting out and decommissioning
    • Cost control measures

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    • Logistical on-site support service at BAAINBw (SASPF)
    • Support with immediate technical measures
    • Assistance with product improvements / changes and their documentation

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Further services in product support

  • Logistic analysis
  • Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis
  • Information security concept
  • Construction status and obsolescence management


Gruppe 3729
Logistic analysis


We offer the full range of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). We carry out logistical analyses of your entire maintenance and repair system. Ideally throughout the entire product lifecycle to continuously improve supportability and reduce costs.

Our range of products


Project-related logistic concepts (PLK)
Material maintenance concepts (MEK) and equipment maintenance concepts (GIK)
Logistics Support Analysis (LSA):

  • Reliability: Reliability and functionality of a system
  • Availability: Availability and usability of a system
  • Maintainability: Maintenance and servicing cycles
  • Safety: Security of a system
  • Determination of the time within which a system is fully functional again
  • Resources (personnel, spare parts, workshops, ...)

Your benefits

We think ahead

Possible weaknesses within the system are already identified in the development phase. This allows the development of strategies and processes to meaningfully counteract difficulties during the operational phase.

We find a way

Development of an efficient and most cost-effective way to ensure the usability of the systems.

Simplify complexity – empower information


Gruppe 3666
Risk assessment and environmental impact analysis

We support those responsible in companies and in the area of public clients in the systematic preparation of risk assessments and environmental impact assessments as well as in the monitoring of laws, regulations, standards and guidelines.

Professional risk analysis and protective measures

More safety at work

With the help of competent safety engineers and specially adapted questionnaires, hazards related to products, plants/systems and workplaces can be comprehensively identified and suitable protective measures can be defined. According to Section 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) and Section 3 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), the employer is obliged to carry out a risk assessment.

On the basis of a risk assessment, the hazards arising from any work equipment, its use at work and its interaction with other work equipment must be determined and suitable protective measures must be defined. This legal requirement based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act applies to all areas of activity with the exception of private households and must be documented.

Missing or inadequate safety devices, physical, psychological and chemical factors as well as excessive physical strain and unergonomic working conditions often lead to accidents and work-related illnesses. In addition to the health risks for the employees, the result is absenteeism by the employees and financial burdens for the company due to machine downtimes. It must therefore be the employer's aim to ensure that risks and hazards for employees can be prevented wherever possible.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Step-by-step creation of risk assessments
  • Selection of integrated protective measures including test cycles, qualifications and work plans
  • Import and export of risk assessments, questionnaires and protective measures
  • Filing of images and documents
  • Automatic update of legal test specifications
  • Support in the ergonomic improvement of the existing working conditions
  • Risk assessments according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • Reliable advice on all detailed questions on the subject of "occupational safety"

Gruppe 3667
information security concept

With us, you are on the safe side

Information security is of crucial importance for companies and institutions, as work processes are controlled electronically and large amounts of data are stored and transmitted digitally. Our information security concept is based on the recommendations of the BSI and guarantees data protection and data security. It includes basic technical and organizational measures and incorporates the special requirements in defence projects.

At a glance: Our information security concept is

01 | Competent
The security of your information technology is an ongoing process that we competently support with the information security concept.

02 | Individual
The expedient and established approaches of the BSI are sensibly supplemented and tailored to your needs.

03 | Purposeful
Based on our many years of experience, we specifically create solutions for defence technology projects.

With us, you are the focus

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Hubert Satzger

Strategic projects / Sales

T + 49 7522 706-0

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