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Our technical editors make your work easier: project and process management, information research, content development, expertise in new technologies such as augmented reality and mobile documentation, terminology work, translation/localization - modern technical documentation requires comprehensive specialist knowledge that only specialists can do justice to.

The 5-point plan:
What characterizes good technical documentation?

ease of use
User friendliness

process efficiency
Process efficiency

Availability in global markets


legal certainty
Legal certainty

Our strengths in technical documentation

01 | Know-how
In addition to technical and editorial training, our editors all have industry-specific expertise and the ability to quickly adapt to your requirements.

02 | Structured Processes
Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide a well-founded methodology, tried and tested procedures as well as structured and standardized processes.

03 | Flexibility
As a service company, we are confronted with a wide variety of customer requirements. We are therefore “trained” for flexibility and, with over 85 highly qualified employees, we also have the necessary resources.

04 | Fairness and trustworthiness
We maintain long-term, sustainable customer and employee relationships. This requires trustworthiness and fairness in dealing with one another.

05 | Multi-level quality assurance
To ensure excellent quality, our products go through multi-stage quality assurance - from proofreading to automated checks to linguistic tests.

06 | Change of perspective
As a manufacturer, you look at your product from the designer's perspective and know what your product is capable of when handled correctly. We see your product from the user's perspective and know how to convey correct handling.

07 | Experience
We have been offering technical documentation since 1938. Cross-sector, individual and reliable. Now in third generation, we create solutions for a wide variety of requirements, develop future-proof tools and make your world a little easier.

08 | Progress
We always stay on the ball and regularly train our employees. You can rely on us being always up to date and offer documentation based on topical knowledge and standards. Of course, we work with the latest media technologies.

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Quality, partnership, innovation

We set standards. Through adherence to deadlines and precision in media creation, through a cooperative relationship with our employees, partners and customers. Through our processes and methods, which allow us to always think one step ahead, break new ground and move beyond outdated approaches.


Well prepared for the future

Technical documentation according to ASD S1000D / S2000M

Technical documentation is an essential part of establishing and maintaining military readiness for use and supply (HdE/HVR) in accordance with ASD S1000D (Editions 1.7 to 4.1) and S2000M (2.1/4.0). Its content must allow efficient execution of operating and maintenance tasks while meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

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Complex equipment such as that used in defence-related systems and products as well as in the aviation sector require highly efficient maintenance, failure analysis, repair and inspection instructions. To achieve this, military documentation must follow strict rules (ASD S1000D/S2000M) that take user capability and expertise into account.

The implementation of entire documentation series of military systems from MS Word format and / or paper form including legacy data conversion as well as their transfer into structured data modules according to ASD S1000D is standard practice for us. Our many years of expert knowledge allow us to meet all requirements.

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Our range of products

  • Creation of the material basis according to ASD S1000D (edition 1.7 to 4.1) and S2000M (2.1 / 4.0)
  • Generation of H011- / GAF T.O.-compliant documentation as a PDF file from the data modules
  • Implementation of technical service regulations (H011, B007, GAF T.O. C 1-2 / 4) according to ASD S1000D / S2000M
  • Programming for converting different editions (e.g. edition 1.7/1.8 to edition 1.9)
  • Customizations and programming

Your benefits at a glance

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We are experts in the field of military documentation. Since 1958, we have been working on documentation projects for the Bundeswehr for all branches of the armed forces (air force, army, navy, SKB, medical service) and major weapon system manufacturers.



We pursue a sustainable business model and support our projects for many years (technical-logistical support (TLB)). As a result, in addition to our methodological expertise, we also have a very high level of know-how in the individual areas we support.



We see ourselves as a full-service provider: We not only deliver a product, but also provide comprehensive advice on product support and develop customer-specific solutions relating to the creation of the material base.

Perfectly tailored to you

As a reliable partner, we offer you the entire spectrum of TLB services in accordance with the Care Services Catalogue (BLK). In consultation with you, our services span the following scopes: product monitoring and support, maintaining readiness for use, compliance with legal regulations, system support services, maintaining availability, change management.

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Product and spare parts catalogues

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Product information, spare parts, data sheets

Know-how in a nutshell

Avoid unnecessary downtime, relieve your employees, improve customer satisfaction – professional product/spare parts catalogues are essential for successful sales and efficient service. Not only the complexity of the technology to be represented poses a challenge in the creation process, but usually also a high level of time pressure. We provide you with a flexible and competent team of experts. Our other services in technical communication: technical documentation, graphics and multimedia, augmented reality, software development and translation/localization.

Our range of products

  • Project-related logistic concepts (PLK)
  • Material maintenance concepts (MEK) and device maintenance concepts (GIK)
  • Product / spare parts catalogs
  • Material basis for the military area according to the guidelines ASD X2000M (2.1 / 4.0), B007, GAF T.O. C 1-4
  • We use Filemaker and APART (S2000M database software) to edit and create product and spare parts catalogues

Our catalogues are

01 | Individual
We not only compile spare parts catalogues using standard software, we also develop customer-specific solutions.

02 | Intuitive
Our catalogues are user-friendly thanks to an intuitive user interface and a clear structure of the content.

03 | Media neutral
The use of the media-neutral XML format enables the following output formats: online (HTML), data carrier (CD/DVD), PDF or in paper form, tablet.

04 | Specific
We have specific and extensive experience in creating, maintaining and modifying spare parts catalogs and spare parts lists in accordance with military standards ASD 2000M, B007 and GAF TO C 1-4.

05 | Interconnected
Our strength is spare parts catalogues, which connect the materials management systems (e.g. SAP) and technical documentation (solving the interface problem).

06 | Compliant
Our product and spare parts catalogues take into account the specifications of your company's corporate design.

With us, you are the focus

Your personal contact

Hubert Satzger

Strategic projects / Sales

T + 49 7522 706-0

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