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We provide the connection between

man and technology

Technical Documentation

Through our work we make yours easier. Our technical editors are well trained, experienced and versatile: Project and process management, information research, content development, competence in new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Mobile documentation, terminology work, Translation / localization - modern technical documentation is subject to comprehensive requirements. Requirements only met by specialists.

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In a nutshell: Whoever comes to us gets the best documentation.
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The 6-point plan: What characterizes good technical documentation?


Clear structure and comprehensibility

Good technical documentation is the connection between human and technology. It is clearly structured and understandable so that the user can find his way around quickly.


User friendliness

The documentation is based on the user´s “medial expectations” and media usage behavior - thanks to interactivity, multimedia content and meaningful illustrations. See Graphics and multimedia.


Process efficiency

The creation process is designed efficiently through the automated use of engineering data, media-neutral creation of the content, modularization and thus reusability of the content, use of controlled language (reduction of translation costs), database-driven management of the content and database-supported translation processes.


Availability in global markets

Modern technical documentation can be used globally. We give you the necessary process security in the correct handling of the data formats for the exact creation. Not only is the translation done, but local and cultural features are also taken into account.



The shorter product development phases and life cycles as well as the immediate worldwide availability via the Internet require the continuous updating of technical documentation.


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Legal certainty

The documentation creates legal security for the manufacturer of the product. So you are on the safe side.

Our strengths in technical documentation


In addition to technical and editorial training, our editors all have industry-specific expertise and the ability to quickly adapt to your requirements.

Structured processes

Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide a well-founded methodology, tried and tested procedures as well as structured and standardized processes.


As a service company, we are confronted with a wide variety of customer requirements. We are therefore “trained” in flexibility and, with over 65 highly qualified employees, we also have the necessary resources.

Fairness and trustworthiness

We maintain long-term, sustainable customer and employee relationships. This requires trustworthiness and fairness in dealing with one another.

customer satisfaction
Multi-level quality assurance

In order to ensure excellent quality, our products go through a multi-level quality assurance - from editing and automated checks to linguistics tests.

Change of perspective

As a manufacturer, you look at your product from a developer's point of view and know what your product can do when handled correctly. We see your product through the user´s eye and know how to convey the correct handling.


We have been offering technical documentation since 1938. Cross-sector, individual and reliable. Now in third generation, we create solutions for a wide variety of requirements, develop future-proof tools and make your world a little easier.

further education

We always stay on the ball and regularly train our employees. You can rely on us being always up to date and offer documentation based on topical knowledge and standards. Of course, we work with the latest media technologies.

Quality, partnership, innovation

We set standards. Through adherence to schedules and precision in media creation, through a partnership-based relationship with our employees, partners and customers, through our processes and methods that allow us to always think ahead and be one step ahead, to break new ground and to defy what is outdated an obsolete.

Our strong partners

for education and training of our employees

We are here for you!

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Joachim Stohr

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