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Translation and localization

You want to export your products in global competition and need meaningful and target group-oriented Technical Documentationthat can be understood by the user in his respective national language? We provide the necessary process security concerning the correct handling of data formats for the exact creation. Withal we´re not only translating, but of course also take local and cultural features into account.

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The complexity of language in a nutshell.

Professional translation of technical documentation

First-class translations require perfectly trained specialists. Our technical editors and the highly qualified, native-speaking specialist translators integrated in our network are working according to international standards. Thanks to their competence in the field of "translation-friendly writing" and "internationalization", they provide high efficiency and low fault suspectibility.


All under one roof

Creation and implementation of your technical documentation in the respective mother tongue from one single source.


Everything up to date

Using the latest software tools and translation memory systems as well as the latest terminology databases.


Everything possible

Inexpensive, on request regularly maintained and kept up to date in all languages.

We already have experience with the following languages:

all EU languages

Arabic (Arab Emirates)


We are here for you!

Joachim Stohr

Joachim Stohr

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