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We are Stender

Always on the pulse
since 1938

We are engineers, software developers, graphic designers, layout designers, editors. We are specialists, perfectionists, technology freaks. We are STENDER. We have been creating technical documentation for well-known national and international high-tech companies for more than 85 years.






Length of service



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Our mission statement

The six pillars of success

Quality, partnership, innovation, transparency, personal responsibility, continuous improvement: these are the foundations of our actions and the reason why we have been successful on the market for more than 85 years. As a full-service provider for technical documentation, e-learning and product support, we get to the heart of complex technical issues. Our focus is on the areas of high-tech, defense technology, railway technology, medical technology, optics, sensors and complex mechanical engineering.


Our aim is to provide our complex services of the highest quality.


We strive for close and trusting cooperation with our customers and good internal communication.


We aspire to be the market leader with innovative ideas and products.


We communicate openly and honestly – both internally and with our external partners.

Individual responsibility

We feel responsible for our work.

Continuous improvement

We want to constantly develop ourselves personally and as a company.

Our code of conduct

Responsible, legally correct and ethically sound

The following code of conduct clarifiers how STENDER defines responsible, legally correct and ethically impeccable behavior:

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1. We feel responsible for our work and want to provide our complex services at the highest quality.


2. We strive for close and trusting cooperation with our customers and exceptional internal cooperation.


3. Laws, official regulations, standards, internal rules and company agreements are observed and adhered to.


4. Our corporate culture does not tolerate unethical or immoral behavior and action is taken against discrimination of any kind.


5. Acceptance of benefits through gifts, invitations or other favors from customers and suppliers is not permitted.


6. Agreements on intellectual property and business secrets are adhered to.


7. Active occupational health and safety protection for all employees is implemented.


8. In order to preserve resources, we act in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner


9. An honest and active problem-solving approach is pursued instead of blaming individual employees for mistakes.


10. We want to develop personally and as a company.

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Our story

Company Foundation

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After studying at the art academy in Hamburg and working as an advertising manager for the Heinkel company in Rostock (1934 to 1938), the illustrator and artist Kurt Stender founded the STENDER company in Berlin.


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War and post-war turmoil do not allow the continuation of the company by it´s founder until 1948 in Wangen im Allgäu.

Documentation level 1: Handwritten documentation

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Technical documentations are hand crafted in pencil by the editors. Illustrations are created on the drawing table, partially aided by stencils. Coloured illustrations are elaborately coloured by hand.

First orders

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As early as February 1957, the company already receives its first orders from the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB).

The step to become a full-service provider

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The next generation is waiting in the wings. In 1974, Lutz Stender takes over the company and expands it into a full-service provider for technical documentation for a wide range of products.

Documentation technology level 2: Typewriter

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A completely new technical solution for documentation has arrived: The handwritten texts are transcribed in the in-house writing office. The following devices were used in the implementation: IBM typewriters, Adler Breitkopf typewriters, IBM Composer, IBM Text 3, Siemens compact text station and the like.

Always up to date

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The next milestone following the typewriter: The PC prevails and offers the option of data module-based documentation (HTML / SGML) implemented according to the single source principle.

A new company

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Due to the constantly growing number of customers, a new, second company was founded in Jena in 1997.

The next generation II

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With Dr. Michael Stender taking over the management in third generation in 2003 and the acquisition of well-known new customers, the company expanded to a staff of around fifty highly qualified employees.

A new branch

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The STENDER company opens another office in Koblenz.

Documentation technology level 4: Augmented Reality

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Interactive and intuitive - virtuality and reality in harmony. Technical communication is changing fundamentally. The STENDER company keeps up with the times: With augmented reality, mobile documentation and virtual reality, completely new possibilities can be utilized.

Moving to new building

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Since January 07.01.2020th, 5, the headquarters of STENDER GmbH has been located in the impressive new building at Simoniusstrasse XNUMX in Wangen. Working in the modern, light-flooded offices is highly valued by employees and creates an open-door atmosphere. Spacious meeting rooms, a yoga room with showers and a wonderful view of the Allgäu Alps complete the ambience.

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The faces behind the success

Highly specialized service providers, team players, partners & consultants

100 employees with a passion for technology and innovation. With extensive know-how, specialists in their field. Highly qualified employees who not only work independently, but also laugh together, do sports together and brainstorm ideas together.

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The team

  • Technical editors (graduate engineers/technicians) from a wide range: from drive and electrical engineering to mechanical engineering and computer science to medical technology and optical electronics
  • Technical graphic designers and technical illustrators
  • Logistics specialists
  • Software developer
  • Media designers, layout artists
  • Multimedia authors (video, CUA, graphic animation, ...)
  • Proofreaders, revisers

The Executive

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Dr. Michael Stender

Executive Director

Repeat grid 4

Dr. Christian Wallner

Authorized Signatory
Operations Manager


Joachim Stohr

Authorized Signatory
Product Management / Sales


Hubert Satzger

Strategic Projects / Sales

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Our goal-oriented way of working

We work in project-related teams and bundle the specific experiences for the respective project. This not only creates important synergies, but also the best possible customer orientation and quality assurance. The majority of our employees are technically and editorially trained technical editors.

Social and cultural commitment

We face our responsibility...

... for our customers and employees, but also for our region and its people. Our commitment covers the most important pillars of social life: We support institutions and associations in the fields of education, sport and culture.


We support:

Further information
You can find out more about the commitment in the blog

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quality management

Quality assurance - a matter of course for us

We are a company certified according to DIN EN ISO 9100:2018. In order to achieve first-class quality of our products and services, we combine various quality assurance methods. The products will only be delivered to you after they have successfully passed our quality controls and comply with our high standards. Various DIN standards specify a continuous quality assurance process.

Four pillars of quality assurance

01 | Editorial system S-Tools
Specially developed in-house and continuously evolved. Our S-Tools for quality assurance.

02 | QA processes/testing routines
Automated and integrated QA processes and testing routines ensure the high quality standard of all of our managed project data.

03 | Editing/four-eye principle
Executed by trained and experienced editors. Including control of all ergonomic / optical features, such as uniform layout, page design, informative value and quality of the graphics, meaningful and correct linking, user-friendly handling and advertising effectiveness.

04 | Cooperation
All quality agreements between you as the client and ourselves are carefully implemented and checked before each delivery.

With us, you are the focus

Your personal contact

Dr. Michael Stender, LL.M.

Executive director

T + 49 7522 706-0

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