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Integrated QA processes, test routines, four-eyes principle:

Quality in a nutshell

Quality Assurance

For us, it´s a matter of course

We are a DIN EN ISO 9100: 2018 certified company. In order to achieve a first-class quality of our products and services, we combine different methods of quality assurance. Only after the products have successfully passed our quality controls they meet our high standards and are delivered to you. Various DIN regulations specify a continuous process for quality assurance.

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By combining various DIN regulations and our many years of experience, we have developed procedural instructions that help us to ensure the high quality of our service.

The four cornerstones of our Quality Assurance


S-Tools content management system

Specially developed in-house and continuously evolved. Our S-Tools for quality assurance.

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QA processes / test routines

Automated and integrated QA processes and test routines ensure the high quality standard of all of our managed project data.


Proofreading / four-eyes principle

Executed by trained and experienced editors. Including control of all ergonomic / optical features, such as uniform layout, page design, informative value and quality of the graphics, meaningful and correct linking, user-friendly handling and advertising effectiveness.

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All quality agreements between you as the client and ourselves are carefully implemented and checked before each delivery.

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The power is in the quality.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 1844-1900

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